The Story covers from the original 1960's cars.....


Bike racer - "I felt safer flat out on my bike on the Daytona banking than sitting in my Griffith in the garage." reported by Tiff Needell on the 50th anniversary Top Gear Tribute show in 1997.

They are a bit safer now!

To the main subject of the book, the 1990's TVR Griffith.....


Very first prototype Griffith showing external door handles   Factory development car in initial 4.0ltr. guise
(pictured with Blackpool Eurofighter)



Neill Anderson's long term development car (J524 MHG) pictured alongside last Griffith body mould




‘Ocean Haze’ factory publicity car (J631 NFV), 4.3BV type but showing standard ‘500 wheels’ (top) and retro-fit package (bottom) of 16” Spider wheels and up-graded brakes.
NB - This car featured in ‘BBC magazine Top Gear’, Feb. 1998, Jeremy Clarkson made a 3,000 miles round trip to Switzerland in 1995 when he became a convert, quote: “By the end of my two-week jaunt, I was smitten by Blackpool’s answer to time travel.”

Also featured in TV film “The Dancing Queen” with Helena Bonham-Carter and Rick Mayall.



Early 5.0 ltr. factory publicity cars.